P042: Hashtag Shortform

Fake-intellectual newsletter opening, take one… annnnnd action!

Let’s start off this week with a quote from Mark Twain French philosopher Blaise Pascal:

I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.

My recent obsession with Glance Journalism has led to a fixation on form and a renewed enthusiasm for brevity. And since I’m not alone in this, you don’t just have to listen to me go on about it.

If you’re not paying attention to Gina Trapani, you’re not paying attention

Bold statement, but true, and not just for “tech people.” Reading her notes on Short-form Blogging felt like getting a permission slip to be a blogger again. Marco Arment and Jason Snell are feeling this too, not to mention O.G. blogger Andy Baio who got this ball rolling with a brief appreciation of Tilde.Club (huh?).

And now a love letter to Twitter

People are pumped for more bloggy stuff because lots of people seem to be burnt out on Twitter. Real talk: Twitter has some obvious problems but for my money, honing a rambling idea down to 140 characters is, like, the 6th or 7th most fun thing you can do at a keyboard. I mean, it’s no Duke Nukem 3-D, but sometimes you get some gems:

And a little something for my advertising peeps

So many people confuse “interactive” with “delivered via the internet.” Let Faris Yakob help you to not be one of those people. Three minute reading time.

Periodically yours,

Bob Sherron