P075: Parking Spot Reserved for Buggy-Whip Salesman of the Month

The headlines read like dispatches from a dystopian future. “A World Without Work,” we shriek. “In the Future, Employees Won’t Exist,” we gasp. “The Servitude Bubble,” we moan. “The Full-Time Job is Dead,” we opine in a garbage-town piece of sponsored content from a company expressly built to exploit freelance workers.

Regardless of tone, we all seem to agree that the world of work is changing and that a lot of people are at risk of being left behind. I mean, except for the people who run the numbers on these things. And then you have people to run the numbers on the people running numbers. It’s all very confusing.

But no matter what the future may hold, it’s not at all controversial to assert that the definition of the word “career” is going to evolve — it has been steadily evolving since the industrial revolution. So clean out your extra bedroom, find a shoebox for all those 1099s and prepare to get your Turk on.

Periodically yours,

Bob Sherron