P105: The Super Bowl of Super Bowl Ad Recaps

Hey did you know that last Sunday was The Super Bowl, or as people in the advertising industry call it, The Super Bowl of Advertising? It’s true! Americans have been groomed to believe that enthusiastically consuming and then discussing TV commercials is a totally normal thing for a person to do. It’s completely absurd and as an advertising professional, I bask in the evil genius of it all. My contribution to this ouroboros of “content” is this perfectly manageable list of links to articles and blog posts, helpfully grouped into sections appropriate for each type of commercial enthusiast.

Are you the type of person who only wants the very best?

Are you are really into schadenfreude?

Maybe you contain multitudes?

Could it be that you only read Adweek?

Were you operating under the delusion that Peyton Manning is anything other than a Company Man?

Are you still mad about the Rams?

What if you’re only here to talk about Beyoncé?


Is it? Is it really? Is it ever enough for you? No? Well you’ll just have to wait, breathlessly, until next year.

Periodically yours,

Bob Sherron