P108: Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

It’s like when an episode of Serial starts off with an update to the real-time story.

It’s been a strange news cycle this week. I don’t really want to talk about Donald Trump and I don’t really feel like I have anything more to add to Hamza Shaban’s reporting on #AppleVsFBI so I thought I’d use this space to play a little “where are they now” with some of my favorite subjects from the last half-year or so.

I. Awl Y’all

Last week I fretted about some changes at The Awl but today they announced that they hired Silvia Killingsworth, managing editor of the New Yorker and a truly inspired choice to lead what I’m sure will continue to be my favorite Web Site.

II. Your Boy

The Ethan Crouch “Affluenza” case has had nothing of consequence happen since it came into my life in the waning hours of 2015, save the occasional blurry iPhone picture in the UK tabloids. This validates my prior ignorance of this story and makes me wish I could return to the old days.

III. These Are My Readers

The writers of Grantland have spread to the four corners of the web but none of their Nexts were as eagerly anticipated as the Next of founder Bill Simmons, who has announced that The Ringer will live on Medium. Something something Peter North reference.

IV. Dat Taupe Blazer Life

My biggest geekout of 2015, “What is Code?,” won an Ellie for best Single-Topic Issue. Author Paul Ford went on to launch an agency, podcast, and blog/newsletter in the last 7 months, not that I’m measuring myself against Paul Ford in a totally healthy way, nope not me.

In short: #turnturnturn. Maybe next week I won’t be overwhelmed with American Politics.

Periodically yours,

Bob Sherron