About Periodically

bs Hi. I’m Bob Sherron, and I make websites for fun and profit.

Most days, you’ll find me at HLK where I’m the Director of Technology, but right now, I’m going to take you back in time.

In the spring of 1998 I took an ungainly Microsoft Publisher document and clicked File > Save as Web Page, unleashing my first website on the world. My filthy dorm room at Truman State instantly became the world headquarters of my publishing empire and the student-made movie that that the site was promoting sprouted an unstoppable promotional machine. While the methods have changed since then, I still get that rush when I realize that anyone with a web browser can read these words.

But just as FTPing a site to my student directory back in the day didn’t get the movie into Sundance, simply clicking Publish in WordPress often isn’t enough to make a meaningful connection. You have to build an audience over time, delivering the words (or pictures or videos) that resonate with your readers. Even if you have quality content published frequently, that often isn’t enough.

What if you had a way to connect with readers who specifically request that interaction? By cultivating a focused, interested, opted-in audience, you could reach them more frequently and connect more deeply than in a traditional broadcast model. That’s my theory anyway, and that’s what I’m looking to explore here. If that sounds good to you, subscribe to the newsletter and we’ll explore together.